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UHAC, Josip

Birth. July 20, 1924, Brsec (Moschiena), apostolic administration of Fiume (1), Italy (now archdiocese of Rijeka, Croatia).

Education. Seminary of Fiume, Fiume; Seminary of Venice, Venice; Seminary of Gorizia, Gorizia, 1943-1945 (theology); Pontifical Roman Seminary, Rome; Pontifical Lateran University, Rome, 1945-1954 (doctorates in theology, 1951; and in canon law, 1954). Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, Rome, for two years (diplomacy).

Priesthood. Ordained, April 16, 1949, Rome. In Rome, pastoral ministry in the church of S. Girolamo dgli Illirici and further studies, 1949-1954. Joined the Vatican diplomatic service, March 1, 1954. Secretary of the nunciature in Panamá, 1954-. Privy chamberlain supernumerary, March 25, 1955; October 28, 1958; June 21, 1963. Secretary of the nunciature in Egypt (United Arab Republic); auditor of the nunciature in Germany; of the nunciature in Spain; counselor (1967-1970). Prelate of honor of His Holiness, February 16, 1967.

Episcopate. Elected titular archbishop of Tharros and appointed pro-nuncio in Pakistan, June 23, 1970. Consecrated, September 5, 1970, Rijeka, by Viktor Buric, archbishop of Rijeka-Senj, assisted by Dragutin Nežic, bishop of Porec i Pula, and by Josip Pavlišic, titular archbishop of Petina, coadjutor of Rijeka-Senj. Pro-nuncio in Cameroun and apostolic delegate in Equatorial Guinea, October 7, 1976 and pro-nuncio in Gabon, January 15, 1977. Pro-nuncio in Zaire, June 3, 1981. Nuncio in Germany, August 3, 1984. Secretary of the Congregation for the Evangelization of the Peoples, June 21, 1991. President of the Pontifical Missionary Works, 1991-1995. Attended the Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for Africa, Vatican City, April 10 to May 8, 1994.

Cardinalate. Was to be created cardinal in the consistory of February 21, 1998, but died January 18, 1998, a few hours before the consistory was announced. He had been informed of his promotion to the cardinalate three days earlier.

Death. January 18, 1998, Rome. Buried, parish church of Saint George, Brsec, archdiocese of Rijeka-Senj, Croatia.

Bibliography. Bergh, Hendrik van. Botschafter des Papstes : 400 Jahre Nuntius in Deutschland, dem Apostolischen Nuntius, Erzbischof Guido Del Mestri, zu seinem Abschied von Deutschland. Berg, Starnberger See 3 : Türmer Verlag, 1984, pp. 299-300.

(1) The apostolic administration of Fiume was erected on April 30, 1920. It became a diocese on April 25, 1925. It was also known by the names of Rijeka, Rieka and Sankt Veit am Flaum. On September 27, 1969, it was elevated to metropolitan see and united with Senj. On May 25, 2000, they were separated. Rijeka remained a metropolitan see and Senj became a diocese with the name of Senj-Gospić. Fiume was originally a Roman settlement and it later was part of the Byzantine Empire. From the 9th century, it became an independent duchy. In the 15th century it was under Austrian control. In the 18th century it became a free port, was united to Croatia, and gained autonomy under the Hungarian crown. It was held by France during the Napoleonic era. After the First World War, it was contended for by Italy and Yugoslavia. Italy occupied it in 1919. A year later, it was set up as an independent free city. In 1922, it was occupied by Italy; and in 1924 it was ceded by Yugoslavia. During the Second World War, it was occupied by Germany from 1943 to 1945, and then liberated by Yugoslavia. It was transferred to Yugoslavia by the Italian peace treaty of 1947. In 1991, it became part of independent Croatia.

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