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Fifteenth Century

Participants in the Conclave of 1417 that elected Cardinal Oddone Colonna to the papacy.
He took the name of Martin V and reigned until 1431.


(In parentheses, the pope or antipope who created them)

1. Giovanni di Brugniaco, bishop of Ostia, dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals (Clement VII)
2. Angelo de Anna de Summaripa, O. Cam., bishop of Palestrina (Urban VI)
3. Pedro Fernando de Frias, bishop of Sabina (Clement VII)
4. Giordano d'Orsini, bishop of Albano (Innocent VII)
5. Antonio Corario, bishop of Porto (Gregory XII)
6. Francesco Lando, title of S. Croce in Gerusalemme (John XXIII)
7.Giovanni Dominici, O.P., title of S. Sisto (Gregory XII)
8. Antonio Panciera de Portugruaro, title of S. Susanna (John XXIII)
9. Gabriel Condulmerio, title of S. Clemente (Gregory XII)
10. Branda de Castillione, title of S. Clemente (John XXIII)
11. Angelo Barbadigo, title of SS. Marcellino e Pietro (Gregory XII)
12. Pierre d'Ailly, title of S. Crisogono (John XXIII)
13. Tommaso Brancacci, title of SS. Giovanni e Paolo (John XXIII)
14. Alamanno Adimari, title of S. Eusebio (John XXIII)
15. Guillaume Fillastre, title of S. Marco (John XXIII)
16. Antonio de Chalanto, title of S.Cecilia (Benedict XIII)
17. Simon de Cramaud, title of S. Lorenzo in Lucina (John XXIII)
18. Pietro de Fuxo, O. Min., title of S. Stefano in Coelio monte (John XXIII)
19. Ludovico de Flisco, deacon of S. Adriano (Urban VI)
20. Rainaldo Brancacci, deacon of SS. Vito e Modesto (Urban VI)
21. Oddone Colonna, deacon of S. Giorgio in Velabro (Innocent VII)
22. Amedeo de Salutis, deacon of S. Maria Nova (Clement VII)
23. Lucido de Comite, deacon of S. Maria in Cosmedin (John XXIII)

Prelates of the five nations who joined the cardinals in the conclave only for that time.

Bartolomeo de la Capra, archbishop of Milan
Francesco Scondito, bishop of Melfi
Enrico Scarampi, bishop of Belluno e Feltre
Giacomo de Camplo (Turco), bishop-elect of Penne ed Atri
Leonardo, master general of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans)
Pandulfo de Malatesta, archdeacon of Bologna

Jean de Ruppescissa, patriarch of Constantinople
Guillaume de Boisratier, archbishop of Bourges
Jacques de Gelu, archbishop of Tours
Jean des Bertrandis, bishop of Geneva
Robert, abbot of Cluny
Gauthier Crassi, prior of of Rhodi

Johannes de Walenrode, archbishop of Riga (currently Latvia)
Nicolaus Tramba, archbishop of Gniezno (currently Poland)
Simon de Dominis, bishop of Tragir (or Traú) in Dalmatia
Lambert de Stipite, O. Clun., prior of Belcheia, diocese of Liège
Nicolaus von Dinkelsbühl, canon of St. Stephan in Vienna
Conrad von Susato, prepositus of St. Cyriach in Neuhausen, Worms

Diego de Anaya y Maldonado, bishop of Cuenca
Nicolas Divitis, O.P., bishop of Aquae Augustae (Dax), Navarre, currently Aire, France
Juan de Villalsn, bishop of Badajoz
Felipe de Medalia, magister
Gonzalo Garsia, archdeacon of Burgos
Pedro Velasco, doctor in utroque iuris

Richard Clifford, bishop of London
Nicholas Bubbewyth, bishop of Bath and Wells
John Catterick, bishop of Conventry and Lichfield
John Wakering, Bishop of Norwich
Thomas, abbot of St. Mary's monastery, York
Tomas, dean of York

Digitized and marked up by Salvador Miranda (1999), from Hierarchia catholica medii et recentoris aevi sive Summorum Pontificum, S.R.E. cardinalium ecclesiarum antistitum series. Edited by Guilelmus van Gulik, Conradus Eubel, Ludovicus Schmitz-Kallenberg, Remigius Ritzler, and Pirminus Sefrin. 8 vols. Munich: Librariae Regensbergianae, 1913-1978. Reprint edition: Padua: Il Messaggero di S. Antonio, 1960-1982, vol. I, p.33.

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