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Members of Religious Orders (1303-1406)

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The list includes the names of the religious cardinals, the position they occupied at the time of their cardinalitial creation, and the year of their promotion.

Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines - O.S.B.)      (24)

Raymond, abbot of Saint-Sever, diocese of Aire, France (1312)
Pilfort de Rabastens, bishop of Rieux, France (1320)
Pierre Roger, archbishop of Rouen, France (1338)
Guillaume d'Aure, abbot of the monastery of Montolieu, France (1338)
Hugues Roger, bishop elect of Tulle, France (1342)
Gilles Rigaud, abbot of the monastery of Saint-Denis in France (1350)
Androin de la Roche, abbot of Cluny (1361)
Élie de Saint-Yrieix, bishop of Uzès, France (1356)
Pierre d'Estaing, archbishop of Bourges, France (1370)
Pierre de Banacbishop of Castres, France (1368)
Simon Langham archbishop of Canterbury, England (1368)
Guillaume d'Aigrefeuille, iuniore, dean of the cathedral chapter of Clermont, France, and protonotary apostolic (1367) (O.S.B.Cluniacense)
Pierre de La Jugié, archbishop of Rouen, France (1375) (O.S.B.Cluniacense)
Jean de La Grange, bishop of Amiens, France (1375)
Gérard du Puy, abbot of Marmoutier, diocese of Tour, France (O.S.B.Cluniacense) (1375)
Guillaume de Chanac, bishop of Mende, France (1371)
Jean de la Tour d'Auvergne, abbot of the monastery of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire (1371) (O.S.B.Cluniacense)
Angelo d'Anna de Sommariva (1384) (O.S.B.Camaldolese)
Adam Easton (1381)
Pierre de Cros, archbishop of Toulouse, France (1383) (pseudocardinal)
Faydit d'Aigreffeuille, bishop of Avignon, France (1383) (pseudocardinal)
Pierre Aycelin de Montaigut, bishop of Laon, France (1383) (pseudocardinal)
Pierre Amiel de Sarcenas, archbishop of Embrun, France (1378) (pseudocardinal)

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Order of the Cistercians (Cistercians - O.Cist.)      (5)

Arnaud Nouvel, abbot of Fontfroide, Narbonne, France, vice-chancellor of the Holy Roman Church (1310)
Jacques Fournier, bishop of Mirapoix, France (1327) (Pope Benedict XII)
Guillaume Court, bishop of Albi, France (1338)
Jean de Bussière, abbot of Cîteaux, France (1375)
Francesco Carbone Tomacelli, bishop of Monopoli (1384)

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Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans - O.F.M.)      (15)

Vital du Four, provincial of the order in Aquitaine, France (1312)
Pierre Arnaud de Puyanne, abbot of the monastery of Sainte-Croix of Bordeaux, France (1305)
Bertrand de la Tour, archbishop of Salerno. (1320)
Paolo da Viterbo (1328) (pseudocardinal)
Élie de Nabinal, titular patriarch of Jerusalem (1342)
Pasteur de Sarrats, archbishop of Embrun, France (1350)
Fontanier de Vassal, patriarch of Grado (1361)
Guillaume Farinier, minister general of the order (1356)
Marco da Viterbo, minister general of the order (1366)
Bertrand Lagier, bishop of Glandèves, France (1371)
Ludovico Donato, minister general of the order (1381)
Bartolomeo de Coturno (1381)
Tommaso da Frignano, patriarch of Grado (1378)
Leonardo Rossi da Griffoni, 24th minister general of the order (1378) (pseudocardinal)
Bartolomeo Oleario, bishop of Florence (1386)

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Order of Our Lady of Mercy (Mercedarians - O. de M.)      (2)

Raymond de Montfort (1338)
Dominic Serra, master general of the order (1348)

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Order of Preachers (Dominicans - O.P.)      (15)

Niccolò Alberti, bishop of Spoleto (1303)
Walter Winterbourne (1304)
Thomas of Jorz, confessor of King Edward I of England (1305)
Nicolas de Fréauville (1305)
Guillaume Pierre Godin, master of the Sacred Palace (1312)
Matteo Orsini, archbishop of Manfredonia (1327)
Bonifazio Donoratico, bishop of Chiron, Crete (1328) (pseudocardinal)
Gérard de la Garde, master general of the order (1342)
Jean de Moulins, master general of the order (1350)
Nicolás Rossell, provincial prior and inquisitor in the province of Aragón, Spain (1356)
Guillaume de la Sudré, bishop of Marseille, France (1366)
Niccolò Caracciolo Moschino, inquisitor of the kingdom of Sicily (1378)
Filippo Ruffini, bishop of Tivoli (1378)
Nicolas de Saint Saturnin, master of the Sacred Palace (1378) (pseudocardinal)
Tommaso Clausse, inquisitor of the faith, confessor of Duke Amedeo di Savoia (1382) (pseudocardinal)

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Order of Canons Regular of St. Augustine (C.R.S.A.)      (8)

Guillaume de Mandagout., archbishop of Aix, France (1312)
Pierre Le Tessier, vice-chancellor of the Holy Roman Church (1320)
Gil Álvarez de Albornoz, archbishop of Toledo, Spain (1350)
Raymond de Canilhac, archbishop of Toulouse, France (1350)
Arnaud de Villemur, bishop of Pamiers, France (1350)
Angelic de Grimoard, bishop of Avignon, France (1366)
Bertrand de Cosnac, bishop of Comminges, France (1371)
Pierre-Raymond de Barrière, bishop of Autun, France (1378) (pseudocardinal)
Amaury de Lautrec, bishop of Comminges, France (1385) (pseudocardinal)

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Order of the Hermits of St. Augustine (O.E.S.A.)      (2)

Nicola da Fabriano, provincial of his order and inquisitor (1328) (pseudocardinal)
Bonaventura Badoaro de Peraga, prior general of the order (1378

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Cardinals religious created by:
Benedict XI (1303-1304) - 3
Clement V (1305-1314) - 10
John XXII (1316-1334) - 5
[Antipope] Nicholas V (1328-1333) - 3
Benedict XII (1334-1342) - 4
Clement VI - (1342-1352) - 10
Innocent VI (1352-1362) - 6
Urban V (1362-1370) - 7
Gregory XI (1370-1378) - 10
Urban VI (1378-1389) -- 6
[Antipope] Clement VIII (1378-1394) -- 7
Boniface IX -- 1
Total -- 72

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