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Members of Religious Orders (1406-1503)

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The list includes the names of the religious cardinals, the position they occupied at the time of their cardinalitial creation, and the year of their promotion.

Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines - O.S.B.)      (10)

Vicente de Ribas, prior of the monastery of Santa María de Montserrat, ambassador in Rome of Martín el Viejo, king of Aragón (1408)
François de Meez, bishop of Geneva (1440) (pseudocardinal)
Bernard de La Planche, bishop of Dax (1440) (pseudocardinal)
Niccolò Tedeschi, archbishop of Palermo (1440) (pseudocardinal)
Giovanni de Primis , abbot of the monastery of S. Paolo fuori le Mura, Rome (1446) (O.S.B.Cassinese)
Louis de La Palud, bishop of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (1449)
Guillaume d'Estaing, archdeacon of Metz (1444)
Jean Jouffroy, bishop of Arras (1461) (O.S.B.Cluniacense)
Maffeo Gherardi, patriarch of Venice (1489) (O.S.B.Camaldolese)
Cosma Orsini, archbishop of Trani (1480)

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Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans - O.F.M.)      (2)
Pietro Filargis, archbishop of Milan (1405) (Antipope Alexander V)
Pierre de Foix, le vieux, bishop of Lescar, France (1414) (pseudocardinal)

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Order of Friars Minor Conventuals (Franciscans - O.F.M.)      (2)

Francesco della Rovere, minister general of the order (1467) (Pope Sixtus IV)
Pietro Riario, O.F.M.Conv., bishop of Treviso (1471)

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Order of Friars Minor Observants (Franciscans - O.F.M.Obs.)      (2)

Gabriele Rangone, O.F.M.Obs., archbishop of Eger Hungary (1477)
Hélie de Bourdeilles, O.F.M.Obs., archbishop of Tours, France (1483)

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Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine (Augustinians - O.E.S.A.)      (2)

Alessandro Oliva, prior general of the order (1460)
Raymund Pérault, bishop of Gurk (1493)

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Order of the Cistercians (O.Cist.)      (1)

Juan Martínez de Murillo, abbot of monastery of Montearagón (1408) (pseudocardinal)

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Order of the Carthusians (O.Carth.)      (2)

Domingo de Bonnefoi, prior of the monastery of Montealegre, Tiana, near Barcelona (1423) (pseudocardinal)
Niccola Albergati, bishop of Bologna (1426)

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Order of Preachers (Dominicans - O.P.)      (4)

Giovanni Dominici, archbishop of Ragusa (1408)
Juan Casanova, bishop of Elne, France (1430)
Juan de Torquemada, master of the Sacred Palace (1439)
Giovanni di Ragusa, bishop of Ardjisch (1440) (pseudocardinal)

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Order of the Most Holy Trinity (Trinitarians - O.SS.T.)      (1)

Antonio Cerdà i Lloscos, archbishop of Messina (1448)

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Canons Regular of St. Augustine (C.R.S.A.)      (5)

Pierre Ravat, archbishop of Toulouse, France (1408) (pseudocardinal)
Philip Repington, bishop of Lincoln, England (1408)
Antonio Correr, bishop of Bologna (1408)
Gabriele Condulmer, bishop of Siena (1408) (Pope Eugenius IV)
Domingo Ram i Lanaja, bishop of Lérida, Spain (1423)

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Canons Regular of Premontre (Premonstratensians or Norbertines)

Johann von Bucka, bishop of Olomouc, administrator of Leitomischl and Prague (1426)

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Canons Regular of Sant'Antonio (C.R.S.A.)      (1)

Antonio Trivulzio, seniore, bishop of Como (1500)

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Order of the Humiliati (O.Hum.)      (1)

Luca Manzoli, bishop of Fiesole (1408)

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Canons Regular of Saint Jean-Baptiste de Lyon (C.R.S.J.)       (1)

Louis Aleman, archbishop of Arles, France (1426)

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Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (O.S.Io.Hieros.)       (2)

Pierre d'Aubusson, grand master of the order (1489)
Pedro Luis de Borja Lanzol de Romanm, archbishop-elect of Valencia, Spain (1500)

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Cardinals religious created by:
[Antipope] Benedict XIII (1394-1423) -- 2
Innocent VII (1404-1406) -- 1
Gregory XII (1406-1415) -- 6
[Antipope] John XXIII -- 1
Martin V - (1417-1431) -- 7
Eugenius IV - (1431-1447) -- 2
[Antipope] Felix V - (1439-1447) -- 4
Nicholas V (1447-1455) -- 3
Callistus III (1455-1458) -- 1
Paul II (1464-1471) -- 1
Sixtus IV (1471-1484) -- 4
Innocent VIII (1484-1492) -- 2
Alexander VI (1492-1503) -- 4
Total -- 38

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